Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson is an American crypto-anarchist and gun-rights activist. He founded Defense Distributed, a non-profit organisation that develops and publishes open source gun designs (aka “wiki weapons”), suitable for 3D printing and digital manufacture. 

Defense Distributed gained international notoriety in 2013 when it published plans online for the Liberator — the first physible single shot handgun that could be reproduced with a 3D printer — despite sustained attempts by the US State Department to suppress the information.

The Liberator took conceptual / strategic inspiration from the single shot FP-45 Liberator pistol mass-produced by General Motors Corporation for the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in WW2. The OSS supposedly intended to air drop the FP-45 into occupied Europe for resistance forces to use. 

However, the OSS (which would later become the CIA) primarily intended the FP-45 Liberator to function as a tool of psychological warfare, since occupying forces would need to factor evidence of distributed pistols into planning against civilian resistance, complicating their strategic operations and affecting moral.   

The physible Liberator’s release to the Internet can be understood as Defense Distributed’s attempt to execute an analogous psychological operation, and as a symbolic act supporting resistance to world governments.