Mencius Moldbugman 

The curator of small bugman souls. Moldbugman possesses an intimate knowledge of progressive bureaucratic systems and processes, including how we manipulate / shape procedural outcomes and how procedural outcomes manipulate / shape us in a cycle of mutual excitation, reciprocation and anti-human degradation cum-insectoid-devolution. 

Moldbugman is an arch satirist of progressivism, a purveyor of visceral disgust and ridiculer of all manner of moralistic degeneracy. From the nightmare purgatory of Swedish laundry rooms to office stationary as hellish prop for HR bugwoman self-expression. Moldbugman is the preeminent colour-coded bookshelves disrespector, soy beverage vomiter and childless-bugman Funko Pop collector lambaster. He possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of sin, which permeates the digital Hellscape we inhabit and is exhaustively committed to its cartography, satirisation and transmutation into disturbing narratives.