Nick Land

At various stages of his mortal incarnation, Nick Land has primarily been known as founder of the Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit (CCRU), principal architect of Accelerationism (ACC), and philosopher in residence of Neoreaction (NRx). 

Land’s biography is a twisted time-spiral of phase shifts / hyper-complexity, rendered at least partially redundant by his own philosophically rigorous rejection of the “self” as a Cartesian category of knowledge / locus of agency, instead regarding biographical projection as something derivative and anti-instructive. 

Hypnotically compelling as his Warwick to Shanghai trajectory is, Land refuses to indulge in self-mythologising, instead asking obliquely: “Will what is playing you make it to Level 2?”  

Land’s philosophy is a digital tapestry coded out of inter-spliced fragments of the occult, numerology, cybernetics, cyber-punk, Marx and Kant, templexity, crypto-currents, post-structuralism, Deleuze and Guattari, techonomic acceleration / mechinic desire, Hyperstition, social Darwinianism, Nietzsche and Bataille, anti-Enlightenment, GNON / Outsideness, game theory, Moldbug and Mises, machine / deep learning, artificial intelligence optimisation and the eschatology of the Singularity. 

Land is vector through which the Outside has entered philosophical thought — his work an experiment in what happens when philosophical calculations are conducted with maximum coldness and anti-humanism.