– People SAYIN Things: ”T7*3, you’re fulla yo own SHIT – so you DROP selfies. ‘SPLAIN you self before you SPRAIN yo self”.

-777: ”You don’t get it if you weren’t/ain’t BEEN there. I’m turning 45 on 9/15 – it is nothing short of MIRACULOUS that I am ALIVE – fact I AM alive means I beat the devil – and I am continuing to do so. I did not know for a LONG time were I dead or alive – I’m NOT being melodramatic – I DID NOT KNOW if I have slipped off of mortal life and was DEAD. So – erry day I look in the mirror and am amazed to be here so – that’s my ALIBI. I am being REAL. Plz do not think I am just being a JAGOFF. GOD gave me my YOUTH even tho I do NOT deserve it and physiologically it is IMPOSSIBLE. Be COO. I love all of ya – ‘cept the unfunny assholes out there (you kno who you are)”.