Xenosystems was the crucible of a particularly virulent and corrosive strain of Neoreactionary thought, synthesised by Nick Land, following an incendiary encounter with the path-breaking reactionary ideas of Mencius Moldbug. 

Darker and more esoteric than the critique of modernity advanced at Unqualified Reservations, Xenosystems explored the meta-level implications of Moldbug’s schema, extrapolated at the highest level of philosophical abstraction. 

Out of this confluence of ideas emerged The Dark Enlightenment — a Darwinian thought-current which enveloped the reactosphere — exposing reactionary thought to the primordial selection effects of the Outside. 

Xenosystems advocated a cold anti-humanism of techno-commerce, Patchwork and Exit — via an embrace of cybernetics and the abstract dynamics of catallaxy — over the entropic monkey-trap of politics, Voice and Hegelian dialectics. 

Neocameralism provided the conceptual engineering framework for a techonomic, accelerationist launchpad via fragmentation, soverign corporation formalisation and market-based competition, enforced by the insatiable hunger of noumenal wolves stalking the Outside. 

Apostate presents XENOSYSTEMS FRAGMENTS, a selection of Nick Land’s posts recovered from the digital-void, following Xenosystems dormancy and ultimate deletion. Incomplete and speculative, the document nevertheless stakes XENOSYSTEMS claim to the vanguard of Outer Right post-political theory, analytically and generatively superior to anything that manifested in its cognitive wake.