Thomas777 (T777) is a veteran poster from the Salo, Phoria and MPC forums, who went MIA for several years before making a stunning return to Twitter, Telegram and Substack. 

T777 is an expert on esoteric Nazism, including how the Nurenberg trials were used to obliterate the ancien régime, terraform the West, and implement a NWO via the installation of a globalised Neoreligious control protocol. 

Since his return to frogtwitter as leader of Three Seven Mafia, T777 has taken facefagging to new aesthetic heights and developed a direct communication style / novel lexicon, which includes capricious over capitalisation. 

One of the right’s foremost dissident thinkers and personalities, T777 has recently released his debut novella Steelstorm, which depicts terrifying vistas of Homeric violence.